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First of all, all of these teachings are free to download in English or in Spanish. No strings attached, just free. Feel free to give them away, but please don’t change anything or charge for their use. Do you need to listen to them in order? No, but yes! Of course you don’t HAVE to listen to them in order, but it flows better if you do. I am trying to build something here. The intro is like the foundation, the characteristics are like the walls, windows, doors and roof, and the conclusion wraps things up.

Why am I making these available for download? There are several answers to that one:
1) When I teach the course, I never have enough time to cover all of the material. This gives a way to offer the rest of the classes to anyone interested.
2) For my grandkids (when I have some!) My kids might even be interested in listening a time or two.
3) Some folks would like to hear the classes again… imagine that! So, here it is.

Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did recording them.. The first installment is the Father Heart of God series. In the future we hope to do a parenting series, and a foundational Bible series. And somewhere in there we will put the Spanish versions up too! Para los que hablan espanol! And who knows, maybe in other languages…

Please write and tell me what God did in your heart through the classes. I love, love, love feedback, so please be specific… What touched you? What spoke to your heart? How did it affect you? THANKS!