I. Introduction

a. Shift in Focus
b. Better: II Corinthians 3
c. Who are you? Who am I? Who is God?
d. God comes to Visit
e. Importance of the Image
f. Always in His Heart

II. Characteristics of God as our Father

Relationships vs. Formulas
a. Office or Relational
b. Vending Machine
c. New and Living Way
He Loves Us
a. Without Love: I Corinthians 13
b. Because and First
c. What Kind of Love
d. Eternal Love

Words of Affirmation
a. Hearing God's Voice
b. Spiritual Warfare

Our Identity
a. Jacob and Esau
b. Language Learning

Our God
a. Big
b. Draws Boundaries
c. Lets Go
d. Wins Our Hearts
e. Knows Us Intimately: Psalm 139
f. Sons vs. Slaves
g. He Chose Us
h. He Disciples Us
i. Beautiful Things
j. Gifts and Character
k. He Forgives Us
l. He Believes in Us

III. Conclusion: Some Fatherly Advice